05 July 2011

Back on the reservation

I'm back.  No international incidents (reported).  Objective taken, with no loss of life or reportable injuries.  A week in Germany with some really great food, outstanding beer, fine wine, a stellar trip.  Still trying to readjust my inner clock to CST and catch up on my work.

Got in late Sunday night after a very long, but uneventful flight.  I am working up an after action report that may take several days to report.  But a short summary is that I spent two days in transit to/from Germany, two days working an audit at a supplier, and three days off the grid re-exploring some of my old haunts.  Lot of good notes, some less than optimal, but that's typical for a vacation/business trip.  

One of many open air cafes

Need I explain?

Weinerschnizel Jager 'Art'

The wine region
But a few quick notes from the road:  I forgot how really good/fresh German food can be.  The beer was as good as I remember.  The wine region is a great place to ride a bike or cruise with the top down.  Driving the autobahn is as much fun and thrilling as I recall.  It's been 25+ years since we lived there and while some things have changed, a lot of things are the same. 


Rock Chef said...

Looks good!

After you mentioned this I went and bought a huge jar of sauerkraut, and have eaten half of it already. So good!

meleah rebeccah said...

Welcome Home!!

Abby said...

Sounds successful, welcome back!

I was talking to a woman over the weekend who is nearly vegetarian. She went to Germany recently and found there was hardly anything for her to eat!

terri said...

Not a huge fan of German food, even though I am half German myself. Maybe that's because the only real German food my mom ever made was sauerkraut. Not a fan, except when it's on a Reuben sandwich.

Welcome home. Glad you had a successful and enjoyable trip!