18 April 2011

It's a zoo out there

Great weekend.  Fantastic weather, clear skies, cool temps, very low humidity.  Are we still in south Texas?  Spent as much time as I could outside.  Mowed the lawn again, still working of a few bushes, grilled some brats took the dogs to the park multiple times.

Lots going on down here.  This weekend was the annual BP MS 150 bike ride.  That's where you ride your bike from Houston to Austin, Texas to raise money for MS.  My nephew is in it this year (been doing it for 3 years now) and haven't heard how he did.  Takes two full days to do the trip.  Great time of year to do the ride.

Saturday was also our annual Epilepsy walk.  The local chapter has a "walk" to raise money for the Epilepsy foundation.  Since we provide a device that treats Epilepsy, the entire company is behind this effort.  All year long we have multiple fundraiser to collect money so we can hand over a big a$$ check at this event.  This year we hit our goal of $77,777 to the foundation.  All told, the foundation raised $195k this year.  They moved the walk to the zoo last year to encourage more participants.  Actually it is more of a meander than a walk.  You basically wander all over the zoo on a scavenger hunt to collect stamps or answer riddles (posted at certain areas throughout the zoo) and turn in your answers at the end for a prize.  Neat way of getting you to actually visit the zoo and the prizes weren't too shabby, either (two round trip airline tickets, an iPad, family membership to the zoo).

While I was there, took mucho pictures (forgot camera last year).  Even got a few of my co-workers enjoying themselves.

Did somebody say "cake"?

The office prima donna

One of the crusty old farts still holding on until retirement

Duuuude.  What a weekend!

One of the directors

Just the gang hanging around the water cooler 

I'm back out on the road again.  Packed up and ready to head out for a week in California.  Hollywood, here I come!  I'm ready for my close up, Mr DeMille... 


Rock Chef said...

Congrats on the charity work! My eldest son is now getting involved with some charity work - hope it works out for him as well as yours has!

A great set of photos too!

meleah rebeccah said...

Hooray for the nice weather! Being outside as much as possible is VERY refreshing. And I really love that you do so much for charity.

You rock!

meleah rebeccah said...

PS: I hope you are having a great time in Hollywood!

terri said...

I think I recognize the crusty old fart!

Great fundraiser and your company should be applauded for their contribution!