19 December 2010

Holiday cheer

It's that time of year.  Time to let your hair down, time to cut loose, time to enjoy yourself.  After slaving over a computer or phone for ~12 months, it's time to let loose in that time honored pre-Christmas celebration, the office party.  We had our annual party Thursday night.  The new management crew decided to rent out the local country club and hold a shindig from 3-6 for the employees.  Was a nice soiree.  Lots of people, lots of noise, a fair amount of libations, food was sparse/marginal (a bit disappointing for a country club).    These kinds of gigs can be dangerous.  Sure, it's fun to celebrate the year with your co-workers over a beer or glass of Chardonnay.  But, remember, you have to work with these people every day.  You still have to show up on Monday and try to pass yourself off as a professional.  I've been to a Christmas party or two and seen more than a few people who got overly "joyous".  It's ok to let your hair down and enjoy the party, just remember that people have a loooong memory and nothing moves faster through a company than a good rumor or some serious dirt (or at least some ribbing when one gets "stoopid").  And with the plethora of electronic devices, you are only a few short clicks away from YouTube glory.

My nephew at one of our more exotic shindigs

Except for one loopy Engineer, nothing really noteworthy.  Although, there may have been pictures taken for use as blackmail later.  I guess I have gotten older.  I don't drink (to excess) at these functions because I have to live with these people and it is harder to live down some forms of stupidity.  I still remember the one girl who was dressed to the nines in a slinky black cocktail dress and tossing her Christmas cookies in the ladies room (got the story from my wife).

I was sporting a headache so I was not really in a party mood.  As usual, I didn't win any of the drawing prizes.  That's one thing I have kept consistent.  After 9 years of Christmas parties, I have yet to win any of the prizes.  Not the round trip plane tickets (anywhere in the US), not the Wii, not the iPad, not the basket of wine, not spa retreat package, not the 40 inch LED TV, not even a 5 dollar foot long gift card from Subway.

Ho Ho Ho. 


Abby said...

No door prize after 9 loyal years?! I think it's time to rig the drawings.

I think one of the best ones I attended was one where I was pregnant. I didn't drink a lick of alcohol and remembered everything that the others forgot.

meleah rebeccah said...

Oh man, you should've won something after 9 years! Sheesh!

I've been to several office parties that got way out of hand. Some people really don't know how to handle their alcohol. I always felt embarrassed for them when Monday would come rolling around!

terri said...

I've seen some people get pretty lit up at company parties. One girl got so drunk she went around pinching everyone's butts... including the CEO. He was a good sport about it, thankfully.